80x86 Software Downloads

To download "MASM" Microsoft Assembler

Follow these steps to set up your .asm compiler:

  1. Create a directory named MASM6 in your root directory.
  2. Download the Microsoft files to MASM6 directory.
  3. Now you have VCPP.EXE in the MASM6 directory.
  4. VCPP.EXE file and click on Open with WinZip.
  5. Select the ml.exe and ml.err files and extract them into your MASM6 directory.
  6. Next, select Lnk563.exe and extract the program linker.exe into your MASM6 directory.
  7. Finally, you can download this optional test program to your MASM6 directory.
  8. Now go to a DOS prompt
  9. Change to MASM6 directory (c:>cd\MASM6)
  10. Type ML testprg.asm (c:\MASM6\>ml testprg.asm)
  11. Type Link testprg.asm (c:\MASM6\link testprg.obj)
  12. You can now execute the test program (c:\MASM6\testprg.exe)